AIAG | VDA Alignment


Although the final version will be released by the end of April 2018 and publish by May 2018, the yellow print is ready since 15th November 2017.

Currently suppliers and system developers providing products to both German and North America automotive industry OEM’s are required to assess their products’ failure modes and effects differently, based on differences between the Severity, Occurrence, and Detection rating tables in the and AIAG and VDA FMEA Manuals. This causes confusion and adds complexity to the product development and product improvement activities of the suppliers.  The methodological specifications in the respective standards and manuals of AIAG and the VDA show differences. These often lead to discussions, multiplication and complexity.

One of the main focuses of the AIAG | VDA Alignment is the standardization of the criteria, severity, occurrence and detection within the new ranking tables.  The working group of the two organizations AIAG and VDA are therefore developing a joint document with FMEA requirements and expectations for development partners (system developers) and suppliers of the automotive industry.

GPG will work with you on the process and the contents of the FMEA approach to AIAG and VDA, each step of the way, as this alignment process is finalized sometime in April/May 2018.  Now is the perfect time to book your onsite training for your team, at your facilities.


Early indications are as follows:

1. The joint FMEA method description according to AIAG | VDA will contain six steps (Instead of the five steps to VDA so far). “Scoping” is a further step in the development the FMEA.

2. The Risk Priority Number (RPN) as a product of the occurrence probability, importance of the Error sequences and discover-ability, and will instead be an Action Priority (AP):


5 Step approach will now be a 6 step approach:


Also RPN column will be replaced by Action Priority:


According to the qualification in severity, occurrence and detection, the qualification of Action Priority (AP) shall be granted.

This change will require training to processes staff, if you need the full AIAG or VDA document(s) of this article and/or training with the current filling of the FMEA please contact call our toll free number above and/or send us an email.