GPG is adds value in developing your next generation leaders, new managers, and team(s).  We are here to support you coach and lead your good tactical performers as you confidential sounding board to deal with business and people problems, an accountability system which drives performance, develops people, and supports innovation. We can help you.

Improve quality management all the while bringing out the best in people, Improve skills and process to manage and resolve high stakes conflict, Learn techniques to hold people accountable without micromanaging, Understand financial management (balance sheets, forecasting, costs control, etc.), Balance day-to-day management responsibility with long-term strategy, Learn how to coach employees to improved performance, Lead top executives to commit to common goals and pull together to achieve those goals.

Quality management is basically about you and your team(s) being in control of the parameters that affect your process. Only in this way the company can comply with and meet customer expectations and preferably exceed them so that the customer portfolio is maintained and continuously expanded.  Coaching is a method of guiding the professional performance processes of:  People; Teams; and organizations.

Its goal is the significant increase of control over decision-making processes and successes. To us, it is based on a (systemic) approach toward:  resource-orientedness; appreciation; and focusing on solutions.

Whether you wish to gain clarity about old and new approaches, develop ideas for everyday’s business in your role as an entrepreneur, manager or specialist in your field – coaching is an effective means of gaining additional insights and perspectives. As ‘temporary co-pilots,’ we guide you through phases of change and new challenges.

We are convinced that you are the expert who holds the key to your solution. As professional coaches, we focus on your potential and help you to access your own resources.  We offer you

Why Do We Offer Coaching?

  • We provide a highly effective additional instrument for human resources development
  • Our competent guidance, from sporadic consultations as needed to intensive and regular support
  • We work wit you and your team(s) h on a one-to-one basis or in small for the current specific work situation
  • Individual solutions for individual assistance
  • Guidance regarding the human aspects of learning processes.

To Whom Do We Offer Coaching?

Coaching primarily addresses:  C-Level executives, directors, managers, and other personnel with key functions (e.g. project leaders).

Occasions and motives include:  A) the first time a task emerges, b) the first time a problem emerges; and/or C) an outside source to assist in the competent handling of different approaches and fields of action.

Only through constant focus on quality management and health and safety awareness, ensure the company’s future competitiveness and satisfaction increased at both employees, suppliers and especially corporate clients.

  • Are we the best in our field?
  • Are we familiar with the company’s strategy, vision, mission and goals?
  • Are we proud of our work?
  • Are we proud of the product we produce?
  • Are we proud of the service we provide?
  • Does the company a high / low absenteeism?

There are many questions, and a good starting point when studying what to focus on and benefit can be improved.  Your company is only as good its employees. Often, it is found that there is a hidden potential that could usefully be brought to light for the benefit of employees and the company in particular.Your employees are the most important resource and possess ‘know-how’ to provide useful input for improvement of work processes and new ideas.

  • Who follows up on the good ideas?
  • What is happening today?
  • How to implement?
  • What will it take to ensure that we keep the focus on sales, marketing, development and growth?
  • How and in what areas can we improve?
  • What can the different employees each contribute?
  • What existing skills are not in use?
  • What would each contribute?
  • What makes us proud to be a part of the company?

Unfortunately, it is often observed that strategy work, organization and management and employee downgraded due to daily operational tasks. Too bad because there is so much gain and nothing to lose. Most important of all is to survey what could usefully be done better, create transparency in all business processes and get the present competences visible and illuminated what is missing.

GPG is your external responsible conductor function and is included as a sounding board and facilitator of the process. Basically, based on strategy and organizational development to map processes at all levels of the organization. Through coaching and ongoing monitoring ensures commitment adds to their targets recognized and respected.

GPG is not under the influence of existing rigid and/or inefficient work processes, we ask the right questions and challenge the status quo when it makes sense. Our clients often need ‘fresh eyes’ that can review the company’s business processes and contribute to the future development.

Coaching’s primary task is as a sparring coach for the management team and employees to get the passion back and be an idea generator. The goal is to create a winning team with courage and passion are prevalent elements.  Then it becomes possible to take the company to even greater heights!