Are you having difficulty in obtaining constructive results from your FMEA activities? Are you, or your company working to ISO/TS standards? Do you find that you are struggling to perform the risk analysis correctly or efficiently? Are you struggling to find the software to meet the project deadline? Wish to avoid employing somebody just to fulfill a specific customer demand? Wish to perform a Root Cause Analysis?

We are specialists in FMEA facilitation, training, moderation and the use of dedicated risk management software, which is an alternative to the widely employed Microsoft Excel or equivalent.

Regardless of the software that you currently use, or the industry you are in, we can show you how to apply the structured approach of an experience FMEA practitioner.  This approach will produce far more intelligent and robust FMEA, and in a fraction of the time! The FMEA Software we employ will allow you to present the information in a number of industry standard formats or perform analyses that will impress clients, auditors and FMEA team members alike.

We can teach you and your employees how to perform FMEA correctly, and even put the first ones together for you.


You can download a trail version of APIS IQ Software (our recommendation).  Their ZIP file contains an installation of the flagship product IQ-RM Pro version, but please note that you can only work within the example file and some features, such as exporting the data as a website or importing from MS Excel, are disabled. The example file can be modified and can be unlocked after purchasing the IQ FMEA / RM software.


The software deals with:

  • FMEA forms (VDA, AIAG, MIL, PSC, Renault..)
  • Functional Safety (FMEDA)
  • Control Plans (PPAP)
  • Process Flow Diagrams (PFD)
  • DRBFM forms (Toyota)
  • Cause & Effect Diagrams (Ishikawas / Fishbones)
  • Fault Trees (FTA)
  • Functional Analysis (functional mapping)
  • Failure Nets (for Root Cause Analysis)
  • Statistical Analysis (Risk Matrix, Pareto..)
  • Parts function Matrix
  • Customer Requirements Management
  • Emailing of duties to FMEA team members
  • Cloning (simultaneous engineering)
  • Variants (of a generic FMEA)
  • Multi-lingual support