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Thank you for considering the Global Planning Group.  We understand what a demanding process it is to coordinate an outside team for you next project, training, or event … and what it takes to make it a success. To assist you in your efforts, we’ve provided items that other professionals like yourself have found to be helpful in their event planning. We hope these assist you in your pre-event planning and publication process. If you need other materials, please call us toll free at: 855.202.1976. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your meeting or event.

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Three Easy Pieces:

Piece One:  Call or email us your selected program date, we will send you a consulting, training, or facilitation Engagement Agreement. Please return this agreement along with your deposit to confirm your hold and reserve the event date on our booking calendar.

Piece Two:  Complete the Pre-Event Questionnaire (link above) and return it to by email to Global Planning Group. Upon receipt we will contact you directly to coordinate a conference call to discuss the customization for your group and the details of your needs.

Piece Three:  Prior to the program we like to have one scheduled video conference call to answer any questions you may have and review all final details, shipping, and travel arrangements. Its that Easy!


The Top 5 Reasons GPG is perfect for you

Hiring the right consultant, trainer, facilitator, and/or speaker is an important decision.  Here are the top 5 reasons the Global Planning Group is a favorite of meeting and event planners, speaker bureaus, and corporate executives:

5. Relatable – Working on your immediate and specific needs insure that everything is retained an immediately applied.

4. Real Takeaway Value – Your team will leave with meaningful tools, frameworks, and techniques that can be immediately applied to real-world challenges.

3. Visually Stunning – You wont see bullet point lists or text-heavy screens.  Instead, participants are engaged with high resolution photography, energizing HD video clips, memorable props, and gorgeous visual transitions.

2. Custom – Instead of a ‘canned’ speech, GPG takes the time to learn about your organization, audience, and key objectives.  Our presentation will be on-point, relevant, and customized to your specific needs.

1. High Impact – GPG will make every minute count.  Your audience will be moved and inspired while gaining practical tools to improve their performance.  We will do whatever it takes to ensure your event is a roaring success.




Presentation Formats



2 or 3 Day FMEA Training

Ideal for groups where participants will encounter system, design, and/or process issues on an on-going basis. Provides the most in-depth coverage of the material available, with workbook and learning tools to assess your organization’s risk of failure. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is an essential component of a preventive action program. This course helps you implement this vital methodology while analyzing risks, determining areas in need of action, and applying mistake-proofing techniques.

This introductory course presents a step-by-step method for conducting Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). It defines the role, methodologies, and implementation of FMEA as an essential component of a preventive action program. Participants will determine FMEA objectives, potential failure cause and effect, assessment of risks, and preventive action plans. This interactive course includes handouts, practice exercises, job aids, design-process-service examples, quizzes, free FMEA excel template (editable), and a free desk reference. The class has been updated to be consistent with the FMEA 4th edition reference manual for use by automotive suppliers.  12-18 classroom hours (2-3 days). 


1 Day RCA Workshop

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a structured approach of problem solving methods aimed at identifying the root cause of problems or events.  For a number of years now RCA has been used when an adverse event has occurred. It is generally accepted that adverse events do have causes, and that a careful analysis of the actions of persons and the states of the system in which the event  occurred will reveal the causal agents. It remains only to select the most reasonable cause from the myriad of competing causes to bring the RCA to completion. RCA is obviously a reactive process.

This 4- to 8-hour program utilizes exercises, activities and group experiences, rather than simple lecture, to achieve awareness and personal growth among participants. This is best suited for groups where participants work closely together or know one another. Includes important learning tools and handouts. 4-8 hours (1/2 day -to- full day).


Keynote Address

This engaging, thought-provoking program will leave your conference or meeting participants energized and excited about the material they have just learned. Though the time spent with participants during a Keynote is brief, our motivational speakers are a master at using illustrative examples, humorous anecdotes and proven research results to present the most important highlights in a way that stays with the audience even after they’ve proceeded to their next program  session.

Our training, convention, workshop, conference or retreat gets participants involved with the material — and each other. Using a unique blend of humor, stories, theory, research and low-risk interactive exercises, GPG creates an environment of high energy, mutual support and commitment to growth designed to encourage participants to get to know one another while simultaneously learning the important principles of personal growth and self-empowerment.  45 minutes -to- 2 hours (depending on your stated needs/request).


For more detailed information about our programs, please contact us:

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You are the client – to assure your satisfaction we spend considerable time tailoring each program to meet the needs of your people, your challenges, and your goals.

All programs can be geared for your organization’s size, time, schedule, and level of experience.


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