Shadow Agent

Strategic Business Value


In the vein of undercover boss or mystery shoppers, a Shadow Agent goes undercover in your organization, as customers, contractors, trainers, employees, or consultants to gather unfiltered data and reports back to you directly.  Working with top executives, we go to handpicked locations, suss out unseen problems, determine inefficiencies,  and analyze existing management challenges to support companies in delivering the sustainable success they desire.

We use field-proven best practices and turn-key custom reporting which is specific, detailed, pertinent, and timely to help you deliver the best products and services to your customers.  Whether your organization has never used an outside consultant or has already benefited from a confidential internal review, we provide an external unbiased professional touch that insures your needs are being completely served.

Our core philosophy is: “Anticipate The Future”.  Our technology, experience, diversity, imagination – and above all, our passion – is what distinguishes us.  Our clients get answers and results which only our seasoned undercover Shadow Agents have the skills to obtain. You may think your request is unusual or you might even be a bit reluctant to discuss it with an outsider. Rest assured we have heard everything in the book and your internal data remains private and confidential to your organization.


Our Process:

1) Consult:  GPG meets up with the organization’s leader(ship).  Together we design key performance indicators, goals, objectives and a timeline.  We examine how your organization really works to identify where you can improve, upgrade, progress, and insures you keep a finger on the pulse of your organization. We bridge the gap between your senior team and your line level staff.

2) Support:  A Shadow Agent is sent in undercover to confidentially watch, listen, learn, and gather data.  We evaluate predetermined locations chosen by the leader(ship), either as customers, contractors, trainers, employees, or consultants to get unfiltered data following clearly identified guidelines and protocol.  We anonymously study and probe middle management in real time.

3) Analyze:  Our custom in-depth examination collects and delivers quantitative and qualitative data, listens to suggestions and complaints.  Reports are posted to our central hub each night (when necessary/requested, closed circuit television and audio can be obtained). We are your internal audit, your expert witness testimony, and your due diligence.

3) Report:  Our recommendations evaluate the cross-functional integration of Sales, Operations, and Production.  We help improve your process, your people, your product/service, and your profit.    We provide clear cut recommendations and reporting intended to be stand alone and are equally beneficial for future task forces, off-site meetings, and mentoring programs.



Even if you choose not to use a Shadow Agent … here are 6 insights to support your organization:

 It is vital to identify the disconnect between senior leadership, middle management, line workers, and customers. Even in the best organizations, this exists.  Determining and addressing those gaps significantly increases performance.

 Marketing needs to listen to customer service reps to get the inside perspective from your customers and prospects.  We guarantee it will be an eye-opening experience for you.

 Send emails to past customers, asking why they’ve left you. This will give you firsthand knowledge of why your customer’s leave. Along the way, you may find some customers you can reactivate as well.

 Do the same with present customers. Ask them what you can do better; watch what happens.

 Ask your employees to write a one-page essay on what your company is doing right and wrong. Have them anonymously put their essays into a “suggestion” box (remember them?).

 Don’t assume that since you’re the boss, you actually know what’s going on in your company. Chances are you know the least. Remember the maxim: “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!” What do we mean? Your employees may fear you or feel they can not approach you — much like in the story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”


Anticipate The Future

We take pride in our commitment to superior customer service and consistent results.  We hold our team to the highest standards set forth by our founders. Our team consists of professionals culled from the top ranks of global, federal, state, and local organizations.  Each of our agents have at least three decades of work experience, and bring to GPG a diverse array of skill sets.  Our tremendous variety of backgrounds and training is why we are able to offer such a wide range of services.  Call or email us today, we can help!