Anticipating The Future

of Quality Management


Murphy said it best when he said, “Anything that can possibly go wrong, does.”



“It is important to consider all the possibilities (possible things that could go wrong) in design and process and act to counter them.  The predictable being surmountable, usually by sufficient planning and redundancy.”

A Critical System (Safety or Life) is a system whose failure or malfunction may result in one (or more) of the following outcomes:

  • death or serious injury to people
  • loss or sever damage to equipment/property
  • environmental harm

Critical related systems comprise of everything (hardware, software, infrastructure, and the human aspects) needed and related to perform one or more functions, in which failure would cause a significant increase in risk for people, property, products and/or services involved.  Critical systems are those that do not have full responsibility for controlling hazards and/or environments such as loss of life, severe injury or severe environmental damage.  The severity, occurrence, and detection of a failure becomes hazardous in conjunction with the failure of other systems or human error.


Risks of these sort are usually managed with the methods and tools of design, engineering, process and quality management.  A critical system is designed to loose less than one life per billion hours of operation (one occurrence every 500,000 years).  Typical process design methods include Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA).  Global Planning Group’s mandate is to help you … Anticipate The Future 

Because most of the time you may pick two of the following three … but not more:

  1. It can be designed correctly
  2. It can be built quickly
  3. It can be operated cheaply


Why Global Planning Group?

  • Focus on Prevention
  • Correct Procedures
  • Lessons Learned
  • Trained Team
  • Skilled Facilitation
  • Leadership Support
  • Anticipate The Future


Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) and Failure Modes Effect and Critical Analysis (FMECA) are methodologies designed to identify potential failure modes for a product or process … to assess the risk associated with those failure modes … to rank the issues in terms of importance … and to identify and carry out corrective actions to address the most serious concerns.