AIAG | VDA Alignment Training

1 Day Seminar


Our AIAG | VDA FMEA Update Seminar … provides a comprehensive overview of the modification of the FMEA regarding the AIAG | VDA – Alignments.

Currently, many suppliers are forced to rate their products differently as part of FMEA’s (Failure Mode and Influence Analysis). Some customers require the FMEA in accordance with the guidelines of the AIAG Manuals (Automotive Industry Action Group) and others require an assessment in accordance with the VDA (Association of the German Automotive Industry).  This often leads to confusion in practice and increases the complexity of product development and process realization in many companies.

Therefore, the AIAG and the VDA have set themselves the task of developing a common guideline on FMEA requirements that enables suppliers to map a uniform FMEA business process and equip it with a range of method tools. The goal is to create a robust, accurate and complete FMEA that meets all customer requirements.


You will learn efficiently and purposefully the failure mode and influence analysis (FMEA method) according to AIAG | VDA know and apply. You will expand your methodological knowledge and apply it independently in your environment in the context of product and / or process development. You are able to support and optimize your development area and your processes with regard to quality, efficiency, knowledge storage and planning

The FMEA basic knowledge / FMEA basic seminar offers a comprehensive overview of the application areas and the embedding of the FMEA method in quality strategies. Extended working methods and the distinction between system, design and process FMEA are discussed in detail. Important core elements of the seminar are the VDA-compliant application of the * 5 steps 6 steps of the FMEA, which have become firmly established across all industries.

Due to the abolition of the Risk Priority Number (RPN) in the creation of FMEAs in the automotive sector according to AIAG | VDA, the introduction of the Risk Matrix Ranking (RMR) is taking place. In the FMEA expert group, the importance of the risk matrix in comparison to the risk priority number (RPN) became more and more important. The Risk Matrix Rankings is shown as a traffic light factor and is also part of the main change.


  • NEW: Consistent compliance with the 5 steps 6 steps of the FMEA according to VDA | AIAG
  • NEW: The new step 1 of the FMEA “Scoping”
  • NEW: Common evaluation catalog according to VDA | AIAG
  • NEW: Risk Matrix (RMR)
  • NEW: New columns in the FMEA form
  • NEW: K-column only in the process FMEA


Also RPN column will be replaced by Action Priority:


According to the qualification in severity, occurrence and detection, the qualification of Action Priority (AP) shall be granted.

This change will require training to processes staff, if you need the full AIAG or VDA document(s) of this article and/or training with the current filling of the FMEA please contact call our toll free number above and/or send us an email.


Seminar Content

  • Overview
  • Comparison VDA / AIAG
  • Reason for joint FMEA band
  • Changes at a glance from 5 steps of the FMEA to 6 steps of the FMEA
  • Pro’s and Con’s of recent updates/changes
  • From RPN to new assessment by risk
  • Graphs and using the Risk Matrix (RMR)
  • Various evaluation catalogs, uniform evaluation catalog
  • New fields in the FMEA form and various other changes and adjustments
  • FMEA Basics (Short Summary) Effort, benefits and goals of the FMEA The 6 steps of the FMEA
  • Structural analysis functional analysis Troubleshooting risk assessment
  • The joint FMEA method description according to AIAG | VDA will contain six steps (Instead of the five steps to VDA so far). “Scoping” is a further step in the development the FMEA.
  • The Risk Priority Number (RPN) as a product of the occurrence probability, importance of the Error sequences and discover-ability, and will instead be an Action Priority (AP)
  • FMEA in the product development process (PEP)
  • Basic / variant management with the FMEA \
  • Groups specific FMEA moderation of the 6 steps with examples
  • FMEA workshops
  • FMEA moderation Questions and
  • Discussion target group


Who Should Attend

  • FMEA moderators
  • FMEA engineers
  • Executives, development managers, production managers and employees in the fields
  • Project manager involved in the product development process
  • For this seminar, FMEA fundamentals are beneficial for a better understanding, but not mandatory.

Before the seminar, there is the possibility to request free information material from us in order to obtain a short method overview in the self-study.



1 full day … from 9am to 5pm



$723 – per participant

(8 participant minimum) plus air/hotel for 1 GPG team member