(MSA) Training

Measurement System Analysis


If you need to sharpen your ability to analyze measurement systems, and explain and support your company’s selection of them, developing proficiency in measurement systems analysis is a must.  GPG’s 1 day MSA seminar is the is the perfect course to master the latest MSA principles and tie them to your own applications. The purpose of this course is to provide the participant with the tools to perform various MSA applications within their organizations. The course is presented in several, self-contained modules to effectively drive the principles of MSA while enabling the participant to immediately tie the principles to their applications. The course allows for the organization to use their data, through application exercises to incorporate the concepts into actual outcomes. The course will present the methods necessary to analyze outcome data and to make decisions and recommendations based on the data.


Establish a foundational knowledge-base to analyze your manufacturing system and enhance its effectiveness. Gain a basic understanding of how to establish, analyze and implement a statistical process control (SPC) system in a manufacturing environment.

Discover the framework of how to implement and audit SPC fundamentals at your facility and develop a statistical toolbox that can be used for each of your projects that reflect the stability and capability of your manufacturing system.

Furthermore, gain a better understanding of how to develop measurement studies for each of your projects that reflect the stability and capability of your measurement system. Identify the linkages between the measurement system, using techniques of measurement systems analysis (MSA) and the appropriate tools for defining its continued capability and effectiveness. In addition, this course includes activities to help you understand and audit your measurement system.


Measurement data is used in nearly every manufacturing process. As the quality of the data improves, the quality of decisions improves. This guide will help you assess the quality of your measurement systems, providing a basis for recognizing where improvements can be made. The result is knowledge that can be used to improve your measurement process, in turn improving repeatable product quality.

Improve your understanding of the integration of statistical process control (SPC) and measurement systems analysis (MSA) and discover how to develop a higher quality process control system by selecting and applying the appropriate statistical tools.

Through a combination of instructor-led training and team exercises, you learn how SPC and MSA can be applied to a manufacturing environment. The goal is to illustrate how these techniques can be incorporated into a system to provide for not only process improvement, but also product improvement.  Like APQP and PPAP, to maximize the benefits of SPC and MSA, you must gain a deeper understanding of how they work together. GPG’s class improves your integration of these complementary core tools, helping your organization develop a higher quality process control system.

Important: The course requires you to come with a laptop loaded with Excel®.

Must have a working knowledge of SPC and MSA or have completed Understanding and Implementing MSA and SPC training plus have a working knowledge of Excel®.


Who Should Attend

  • Moderators / Engineers
  • Executives, development managers, production managers and employees in the fields
  • Project manager involved in the product development process
  • For this seminar, MSA fundamentals are beneficial for a better understanding, but not mandatory.

Before the seminar, there is the possibility to request free information material from us in order to obtain a short method overview in the self-study.



1 full day … from 9am to 5pm



$723 – per participant (8 participant minimum)