(RCA) Training

Root Cause Analysis


Don’t put a bandage on a problem; fix the issue permanently. … Consisting of lectures, practice, and role-playing, this 1 day course is designed to provide attendees with an in-depth understanding of how to analyze a system to identify the root causes of problems.

Root cause analysis training by GPG provides the tools, skills and knowledge necessary to solve tough problems. Choose onsite face-to-face instruction of a blend of these options to plan an RCA training program that is right for your organization.

We’ve combined our team’s extensive first-hand experience applying the GPG method, with our clients’ best practices and requests. As a result, Sologic training reflects a vast array of industries, disciplines, geographies and cultures, as well as diverse experiences ranging from major investigations, to recurring and systemic problems, to positive and proactive analyses.

By applying our method to your custom real-world problems, you and your team(s) will gain the knowledge, tools, and confidence to contribute to successful root cause analyses and investigations. You will be able to help solve tough and recurring problems, and help proactively replicate successes.

Learn current and proven best practices in cause and effect analysis from GPG instructors, based on our team’s extensive experience applying the GPG method directly—to everything from major investigations, to recurring and systemic problems, to positive and proactive analyses. Also benefit from the compilation of our clients’ best practices and requests, encompassing a vast array of industries, disciplines,
geographies and cultures.

By applying GPG state-of-the-art RCA method to real-world problems onsite with custom work —and benefiting from instructor mentoring—you and your team(s) will gain the knowledge, tools, and confidence to lead successful root cause analyses. You will be able to solve tough and recurring problems, and proactively replicate successes.

When a major event occurs, RCA leaders must assume an increasingly broad range of responsibilities. They need well-honed skills to protect the credibility of the investigation team, the problem owner, and all affected parties and individuals.  Concurrent investigations conducted by other organizations can create additional political issues and complications. GPG equips RCA specialists to direct an effective investigation, while managing external factors such as legal processes, PR and communications needs, and information distribution to government and regulatory agencies.


Who Should Attend

  • Moderators / Engineers
  • Executives, development managers, production managers and employees in the fields
  • Project manager involved in the product development process
  • For this seminar, RCA fundamentals are beneficial for a better understanding, but not mandatory.

Before the seminar, there is the possibility to request free information material from us in order to obtain a short method overview in the self-study.



1 full day … from 9am to 5pm



$723 – per participant (8 participant minimum)