(SPC) Training

Statistical Process Control


A demonstration of solid statistical process control techniques proves an individual’s ability to monitor and improve manufacturing processes. GPG supports your need to achieve SPC proficiency.  Examine methods for implementing and applying the principles of statistical process control to manufacturing processes. This course will show the linkage of SPC and the Measurement Studies with requirements and FMEA and PPAP and offer methods for the use of SPC tools and application of software for the calculation of Control Limits and Measurement Studies.

Continuous improvement is vital to prospering in today’s economy. This 1 day seminar provides several basic and advanced statistical methods that can be used to make your manufacturing improvements more effective, resulting in products and services that improve value to both you and your customer.

The new CQI-25 SPC Quick Start Guide is a supplement to the full SPC Manual and provides the building blocks of statistical process control for those who are new to the topic or have only experienced SPC from a limited perspective. The Quick Start Guide covers about 90 percent of the full manual’s SPC applications in a succinct format with text and graphics and includes examples of the most commonly used control charts with easy-to-understand calculation sheets. Suppliers have struggled in the past with quickly finding answers to their SPC-related questions because of the full SPC Manual’s size and detail. The new SPC QSG helps suppliers easily find and understand how to apply the most necessary methodologies. The SPC QSG synthesizes the key information from the SPC Manual down to its core, focusing the new guideline on what is critical and necessary. The Quick Start Guide also designates the levels of importance for different methodologies, so suppliers can prioritize their SPC deployment activities.

The SPC Short Run Supplement (CQI-26) guideline was developed to address the particular uniqueness of short run production, where suppliers do not have the production volume to readily apply the approaches identified in the SPC Reference Manual, 2nd Edition. Providing easy to understand examples of commonly used short run charts, the SPC Short Run Supplement is a guideline used to analyze, monitor and control process that do not satisfy the sampling requirements of standard SPC charts. This document is not intended to supplant the SPC Reference Manual but to supplement and simplify its contents when a short run application is called for.


Who Should Attend

  • Moderators / Engineers
  • Executives, development managers, production managers and employees in the fields
  • Project manager involved in the product development process
  • For this seminar, SPC fundamentals are beneficial for a better understanding, but not mandatory.

Before the seminar, there is the possibility to request free information material from us in order to obtain a short method overview in the self-study.



1 full day … from 9am to 5pm



$723 – per participant (8 participant minimum)